Videos not playing on iPhone

Hi, just looking to see if anyone has had a similar issue.

We have a course with embedded videos in which are playing on a PC but not on a iPhone.

It comes up with this error and I am unsure if its the video, or if there is a setting in the course that needs to be changed.

Any help would be appreciated.

Safari for iOS is generally very picky with videos; it could be the video itself or even the server you’re running it from (if not running it from Evolve). If you DM me a link to your course I can see if I can spot anything odd.

Also could you just confirm what version of iOS is being used there?

Sent a DM to you with the link.

I am using iOS 16.6. The course is viewed via our LMS as a xAPI course.

@RobynCPL and, for the benefit of anyone who comes across this post - you say it’s working fine when you view the course on an iPhone using the Evolve ‘sharing’ link - but it doesn’t work when loaded from the LMS?

If you can find one you might also try with a phone running the latest version of iOS (currently v17.4) - and also try testing from another xAPI compatible LMS/LRS such as SCORM Cloud.

Just so others can see the solution.

It wasn’t a problem with the video mp4, or Evolve or the xAPI.

There is something stopping the video from playing from the LMS side of things, regardless of the iOS.