Video size for uploading very short video

Can you help me with the preferred video size for uploading - not linking externally - so they can be viewed easily? I have used the popup option in Media Grid, but want to use some of the other components where videos can be used.

By ‘video size’ do you mean the video file size or the video width and height? And by ‘viewed easily’ do you mean ‘loads quickly’ or ‘is easy to see’?

Many thanks for your quick response. Its width and height and easy to see.

The video component is responsive so will resize the video to fit the available display area.

Evolve works best with 16:9 aspect ratio videos, so the ‘common 16:9 aspect ratios’ listed here are all good*.

The higher you go, the more bandwidth the end-user will need to be able to view it without it ‘buffering’.

Most people tend to opt for 1280 x 720.

* though the last two in that list are likely overkill unless you know for sure everyone viewing the course will have super-high-definition screens (and a very high bandwidth internet connection)

Many thanks indeed, very helpful