Adding large video files without using internet address

I have a client who wants to have a course on a memory stick and not have to access the internet to present it.

I have video files well over 100mb in size and have been hosting them on youtube and vimeo, and linking to them. However this is not going to suit.

Is there anyway I can show a video in evolve coming from a hard drive or memory stick?

Hello @snewman if you use the Media component you will be able to upload the video to your course and embed, rather than stream it, in the course.

I must be looking in the wrong place.
That still seems to be limiting me to 100mb to upload the video as an asset to use the medial component.
Am I missing something?

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Was there any more information for this question? I am facing the same thing…migrating courses to Evolve but have numerous videos well over 100mb…

I have the same problem. We have reached out to our Intellum contacts and waiting on an answer. I haven’t found any information on the Evolve file size limitations, only Exceed.

Hi, it can be increased - if you would like to dm me your evolve URL, I can up it to 300mb.