How do you support content with lots of videos?

We have a bunch of content about to be created using short videos (5min or less). For most of our content, we use the video stream component and host our videos on YouTube.

However, for this particular project, we might not be able to use YouTube, Vimeo, or other hosting platforms. Has anyone used the media component to host videos directly on Evolve, and how has that impacted the user experience?

(slow load times, trouble uploading, problems with captions, etc) Thank you!

Hello and welcome!

If the videos are MP4, short and less than 100mb each - the Media Component should be ideal. Just make sure they are optimised before upload.

You can do transcripts, subtitles AND audio descriptions in Media, plus a whole host of other settings and options.

You can also link to an external file on any platform using the “External Media” option within the component, so even if you can’t make them public onto YouTube etc, you can still link to an external file using Media.

Further info can be found at Media Component  : Intellum

I hope that helps a little!

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thank you for that information! I’ll do some testing and see if our videos can maintain quality at that size.

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