Video player controls do not auto-disappear

Has anyone else noticed that the video player controls do not auto-disappear unless you click away from them?

It’s not a major issue as a client hasn’t mentioned it yet, but I’m sure they used to hide a few seconds after pressing the play button.

In an ideal world, the subtitles would move above the player while it’s in view. As you can see here, they can be obscured by the player controls.

I have to click away from the video for the player to disappear.

Yeah, I think this might be as a result of some recent accessibility updates.

The problem we were having before was that when you initiated playback via the ‘big play’ button, it gets hidden, leaving the focus with nowhere to go.

So now it sends focus to the actual video element itself, which is therefore probably going to cause the video controls to stay visible until you click away.

Yeah I agree. The problem is that the subtitles are being rendered by the browser but the player controls are being rendered by Evolve - and they don’t seem to be aware of each other.

I have been thinking about adding a ‘use native browser video controls’ setting as a kind of ‘get-out’ for problems like this. It would also allow for access to some native controls functionality which Evolve doesn’t currently offer e.g. the ability to change playback speed.

Be interested to hear what you think about having something like that.


Yes! You might already know this but as a workaround, I think you can specify the position of subs in the VTT file if you need 'em to sit higher. I have vague memories of us having to do this before.

Would much rather it was dealt with automatically.


100% agree. Checking now to see how this might be done.

Thanks Matt.

For many years, up until 2016 (when I stopped building bespoke content), I used the JW Player. I could imagine its business model has changed a lot since this then, but it was the most accessible and easy-to-use HTML5 player, in my opinion.

Hopefully, you can find a cost-effective alternative to what we have now.

Thanks Ruppers.

I’ve used this workaround around before. Here is a reminder of how to do it :slight_smile:

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OK so I have figured out how to reposition the subtitles when the controls are showing but it only seems to work in Chrome and Safari; I just can’t find any way to make it work in Firefox.

However, if it works OK in other Chromium-based browsers like Edge & Opera (and doesn’t cause any nasty knock-on issues) I might go ahead with this anyway since it is an improvement on the current situation for the vast majority of users. Though as a lifelong devotee of the 'fox this does make me :frowning:


Thanks Matt. This is much appreciated.

Just to mention this was released in Evolve v10.3.6 - hopefully should be a lot better, I even managed to fix the issue where the video controls weren’t auto-disappearing unless you clicked away.


Thanks Matt. I really appreciate it.

It’s great to have it fixed so quickly and before a client even mentioned it! :slight_smile: