Moving closed captions

Closed Captions in videos are currently covered by the player bar when the video begins. The player bar eventually disappears, while it’s on, it makes the captions unreadable. Is there a way to move them?

Hi Dmitrii, It would be nice to see this automatically adjusted by the player, but that is not happening.

However, you can position your VTT file so that the caption appears at the top of the screen. Or just above the player. I’ve done this before when I needed to move a subtitle so that it did not cover a diagram.

Bear with me while I check to see how I did it. I’ll reply when I find it.

Try this in your vtt file:

00:00:00.960 → 00:00:03.000 line:90% align:center
This will be center aligned just above the player

00:00:03.002 → 00:00:05.000 line:5% align:center
This will be center aligned at the top of the video.

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And welcome to the community Dmitrii :grin:

Thank you, @BarryBPS! We went with this solution.