Using variables in titles

Hi, does anyone know if using variables in titles is possible? Unlike in the body text, the option is not there:

I have a large course that needs splitting into Part 1 and Part 2 in certain situations. And I would like to be able to switch content on and off using triggers, but as I’m not able to update the titles I seem to have fallen at the first hurdle.

I guess I could do this part manually but I had hoped to make it all work via one switch.

Thanks in advance.

Hi Barry, you are correct in that you can’t use variables in title fields - could you fake it with leaving the title field blank and using title-style text in the body field?

Thanks Sam.

I thought of that too but I need to keep these titles as Header level 1 for accessibility reasons.

In the grand scheme of things, changing the course title and splash screen title manually will be a lot quicker than maintaining two versions of the course.

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