Updating capture components across multiple language versions


If you use the capture component the way that I do, you may need to update the “Large Image” asset within a capture component across multiple (in my case 17) different language versions of a course. Does anyone know a way to ‘sync’ the assets, and the order of the assets / screens, such that I don’t need to go in and make each change 17 times, once for each language version of the course?

To give more context, each language version also has localized hint boxes, which will need to remain in place - so I don’t have the ability to copy / paste the capture component wholesale from one language version to another. Also, I’m using the “Large Image” asset as a screenshot of a tool, to instruct learners on how to perform specific actions within the tool. The interface of that tool has changed, so I need to replace the screenshots that the hint boxes are overlaid on. But in order to retain the localized hint boxes, from what I can tell, I need to update each individual screen in each individual language version separately. This can get unwieldy - even 10 screenshot updates across 17 language versions = 170 individual updates.

Let me know if there are any tricks for this!

Hi @sworek - Thank you for your question.

If I’ve understood correctly you could replace the asset from the asset manager. Click Edit Asset on the image in question and choose Replace Asset. This will replace the image in all the locations that it is used.

A similar approach might be to use an external image on the courses and change this. When you change this image the image will update everywhere on the capture components in question.

For the time being this is your best option.