Unable to Change Tab Colour Once Visited

Hi, I want to change the colour of the tabs once they have been visited. I have tried
(Theme or Article Style) > Component Item > Appearance > Component Item Background Colors
which does not change anything. Is it possible these settings are locked somehow? Even if I change the main colours in the theme (colours 5 and 6), nothing changes.

Hello and welcome, Melissa.

You are correct on where to change them - but are you looking at them in Quick Preview? This view does not change because QP doesn’t know what has been clicked on. Try Live Preview - they should work there.


Hi Helen, thanks so much for your response and warm welcome!

I was looking in Live Preview, and have double checked again. Still no change. Not quite sure what’s happening! I’ll keep playing around and see if anything changes.


Hi Melissa,

Well, that IS odd, tried and tested here - do make sure you’ve checked which Article Style is applied to the relevant article and definitely adjusted it in that style as well as in the root theme.

If all else fails, send the URL of your course to support@intellum.com and ask them to take a look for you - it is always easier to diagnose when they can see the course itself.

Good luck!

Melissa - are you in Desktop view or tablet, mobile?

Thanks so much Helen! I think I’ve double checked everything you’ve suggested. I will reach out to support if I don’t come right. I’m in Desktop view.

So it looks like the ‘visited state’ isn’t set up for the ‘mobile view’ of this component - which explains why @hbailey isn’t seeing it in Quick Preview - as the size of the Quick Preview area tends to be fairly small by default, so the Tabs component will show in ‘mobile view’.

As far as I can see that’s probably just an oversight so I’ll see about getting that fixed.