Branching: Changing color of items

Hi everyone,

can someone help me out - I’m trying to change the item color of my branching component, but I can’t find the correct option in my theme.

Thanks in advance!

When editing your branching items, there is an option to change the colours of each of them to be what you want, as seen in the image. If you do not use these, then the items automatically take the same colours as “Component Item Background Color” in your theme, which is found under “Component Item” in the theme menu.


thank you for your help!
However I think I’m still missing something…
You’ve explained how to change the look of the (interactive) options, I’m trying to change the color of the (static) item.

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Ah apologies I see that now.

This is taken from your colour palette of the theme - and is the standard UI GREY REGULAR swatch, seen in the image below in dark blue (to highlight it). Be aware if you change this, it will change everywhere that this swatch is used.

No worries.

I’ve checked the default colors, but the UI GREY REGULAR switch was set to the color I aimed for (white), while the component still appeared in blue.

But I managed to find the right option!
For anyone who’s interested: You can change the color of the item in the article style / component item / Component Item Content Body Text Styles. Set the background color.

Thanky again!