Turning off ligatures / accessing Opentype typeface/fonts features

Hi All

Do you know if there is a way to access the Opentype features in evolve?

The font i’m using seems to be defaulting to using ligatures in particular the ‘fl’ which is not ideal for the client.

It would also me nice to be able to access alternate glyph sets, alternate ‘a’ for example.


It might just be lack of tea this early, but I understand about half of those words :smiley:

What I can say though is that you upload your own font sets if you need something specific… Fonts - Changing and Adding Your Own : Intellum

Does that help at all?

Hi @hbailey Apologies, I’ve read that back and it is a bit confusing, I’ve atttached a couple diagrams the show what i mean. :smiley:

Evolve seems to be defaulting to displaying the ligatures.

I can remove the ligtures in the web inspector using the font-variant-ligatures property.

More font-variant-ligatures info here:

Hope that makes more sense? :slight_smile:

Thanks! I have learned!

I will pass this on to one of the devs who may know more about this.