Determining font type and size in theme

Hello, I’m using a customized theme that is used in my organization and am creating a style guide based on it. How can I figure out what font type and size is used in various places in a course that was created using a particular theme?

Thank you.

I think the easiest way would be to use the devtools of your browser.

E.g. in Chrome:
Screenshot 2022-08-02 113111

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Thank you very much for your reply. I see how to do that as described on this website for Chrome. I also downloaded a free Chrome extension the article recommended: Fontanello.

Interestingly, when I highlighted a title on my Evolve page and checked the font using both of these methods, using Inspect > Computed on Chrome, it shows that the font size was different, but then I realized it was because I had a different device selected (mobile instead of desktop).
Screenshot 2022-08-02 12.20.38 PM When I fixed that, I got the same result–38px.

Thank you again for your reply. Glad to hear that you find using the devtools on the browser to be the easiest way.


Yes I often use the Chrome extension Font Finder.

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Thank you very much, Helen! It looks like the Font Finder extension is better than Fontanello.