How to change colours and font sizes in a theme

1. Navigate to a course using the theme you wish to alter.

2. On the course go to Appearance.

3. Click Edit on the theme. You should note that if the theme you’re using is one of the Evolve themes bundled with Evolve you cannot edit these directly. You will need to create a copy of the theme

To change colors:

1. Navigate to the Colors section and update colors as required.

These colors can then be applied to any item that accepts color.
N.B. when a default color swatch is changed everywhere this color is used will automatically update.


Inside the theme navigate to Page > Appearance gives you the option of adding a background color to the page.

The left hand “palette” icon gives access to the colors set in Step 1. The “eye dropper” icon allows you to set a spot color.

To change fonts:

  1. Navigate to the Font section and set your fonts - these can be uploaded fonts, Google fonts or a range of websafe fonts. These fonts can then be applied to any item that accepts fonts.
  2. Inside the theme using the left hand menu, select the item you would like to change font sizing on.
  3. Example: Navigate to Header > Title Text Appearance

  1. Under Font Family select the font you require.
  2. Set font size, weight and line height as required. N.B. It is possible using the 3 icons above Font Size to set up different font sizing for 3 screen sizes. These sizes correspond to pixel resolutions for Desktop Computers, Tablets and Phones.