Turning Commenting Extension Off

I just went in to turn the Comments extension off and found that it can’t be turned off anymore. Then there are two messages that I’m unclear about.

“Live preview comments are now turned on in the comments overview panel. Open the panel by clicking the comments button in the navigation bar. Just turn on the ‘SHOW COMMENTS IN LIVE PREVIEW’ toggle to view comments in live preview.” Is the bold part legacy?

It also says this extension will be removed in future release - does this mean the commenting feature will be removed entirely or that it will not be an extension (just there by default). Please clarify.

The ability to add inline comments is kind of a deal breaker for us.


That caught me out today. The setting is here:

Thanks Andy - even with your screenshot it took me a while to find it!

I will pass your comments onto the dev team. We aren’t removing comments from Evolve they will (as you guessed) be on by default.

Our apologies for any confusion.