Export Review Comments into Word/Excel/PDF

Hi everyone, does anyone know if there is a way to export reviewer comments into a Word, Excel or PDF file?

It would be helpful for our SMEs and other stakeholders to have one consolidated view of all the feedback that can be viewed outside of Evolve.



My workplace is also hoping for this feature. @devteam @admins Could this please be added as a feature request?


hi @Emily and @mhfa , I will raise this with the Evolve team, thanks-Sam

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This would definitely be useful. Even better would be if the comments could be treated like a language export/import. SME’s could comment in the exported Word or Excel document and Evolve could then reimport with the changes. Clearly, much better for reviewers to see and make comments in the course, but off-line editing can be useful, as well.

For a while, I actually created a Word macro as a workaround… I’d drag down through all the comments in Evolve, paste into Word and then run a macro to strip out everything except the author and comment and then drop it all into a table. Waaaay too much like work. So, I’d echo the request for this feature.

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That’s a great idea @Martin RE: being able to import comments back in.

SME’s in my org are hoping for a way to print off an entire course with the reviews comments in view, then they can be printed off and used in workshops.

Need a way to download or export reviewer comments. I thought this was available, but I don’t see it.
Why this would be helpful: My reviewers need to resolve questions and it would be easier to give them a file so they can have working meetings to talk about a resolution. Essentially, I need to close a review, hand over questions, and start a new review cycle for them so they can provide exact wording.

Hi all, just in case you didn’t see, Evolve now has the feature to export comments as a CSV file - if you have admin permissions, go into a course, select the bottom left More Actions menu and you will see the option:

Great to hear about this progress @Sam_Cook_Evolve_QA. Do you see this functionality extending to Editors eventually? Unfortunately, I’m not an Admin and won’t be able to benefit from this feature.

Hi @Emily let me ask the team the reasoning for only making it available to Admins.