Download or export review comments

Need a way to download or export reviewer comments and allow reviewers to see exactly where questions are. I thought this was available, but I don’t see it.
Why this would be helpful:
I need to close this review cycle because there are too many cooks in the kitchen and too many unresolved issues among the SME group. My reviewers need to resolve their own questions and it would be easier to give them a file so they can have a working meetings to talk it out. Essentially, I need to close this review, hand over questions, and start a new review cycle for them so they can provide resolutions.


Great request. I’m thinking of going back to having reviewers comment in the content doc, as they can all see one another’s comments, they can see all the context easily, and I can quickly see context. Also, since many of our reviewers are legal people, the ability to select a word or two is very important; I don’t believe that is possible using Evolve review. Evolve Review needs a lot of finessing to be truly useful.

Just to mention that the ability to export comments to CSV was released earlier this month in Evolve v10.7.1

It is available only to users with the ‘Admin’ role, however.