Truly Invisible Hotspots

Is it possible to convert the background (pulsating) colour of an invisible hotspot to transparent and to increase the size of the hotspot. I have an image with four areas I want the learner to identify. I don’t want to give the game away with a pulsating background and I would like to enlarge the hotspot area so the user can click in a larger area corresponding with the size of my items.

Hi jeremy,

So you may want to consider using Infographic or Simulation instead for that sort of thing, but if you want to stick with Hotgraphic there is a way - I had a play and I came up with a solution.

Set your hotspot type to Text
In the Hotspot Text field, enter some spaces or type a word to create a label for your hotspot.
Position it where you want.
Under Appearance menu, where it says “Use Hotspot Colours?” - change this to Use Hotspot colours.

Leave all the colours unchosen.
Finally back in your Hotspot item, set the Text Hotspot Styles to a large number to make it the size you want it to be, then next to it, amend the colour and change it to transparent (pick any colour then turn the A channel down to 0.


This is my result (i have turned the alpha up a bit so you can see the outcome, but if I set the alpha to 0 it disappears and the hotspot is just a blank area the same size as the words “LABEL1”.


Thanks Helen, I’ll give this one a go - it sounds the type of solution I was imagining. I might also try the Infographic route - an opportunity to try a new component!. I find simulations a bit daunting - so many variables and conditional formatting.

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Let me know how you get on!

Our September webinar will be all about Infographics and Simulations - keep an eye out for news of it’s scheduling!

Great to know Helen. I’ll definitely sign up.

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