Tips for creating Assessments and Templates

  1. Best way to create assessments in Evolve – Are them some existing tutorials or resources that help guide us through the best and most straightforward way when creating knowledge checks and assessments in Evolve so that we don’t have to set up the manual triggers every time for every question? Is there a way of automating some of those setups such as correct/incorrect (with us adding the feedback in), setting up the next button as standard etc?

  2. Creating 3-4 standard templates for knowledge checks and assessments in Evolve – it would be good to explore creating some templated for knowledge checks, quizzes, and assessments (we can propose the setup of some of those templates, we would need your support in setting them up).


Ethan - a really nice easy way to create assessments is using the Question Bank - but you can also make a much more engaging assessment using all the Question Types in Evolve. Create one question and then duplicate for easy settings copying, and finally you can make use of Global feedback instead of having to add new feedback each time.

In terms of templates, thanks for the suggestions - we have two assessment templates currently - Course Assessment and Logic Pre-Assessment.

Hi @hbailey,

Is there a way to create a printable certificate with score from the course assessment? These are need to show proof to an outside source that would not have access to the results internally.


Yes Marty - just turn on and customise the Certificate Extension.

Thanks @hbailey

Unless I am missing something, the certificate does not show/print the score of the exam, correct?

Also, is there any way to use the graphic as a full background graphic?


Hey marty,

The score is in as a feature request - as is the background graphic :slight_smile: