Non-graded self-assessment built in Evolve?

hi all,

I’m trying to figure out how to build a non-graded self-assessment in Evolve. this is similar to confidence sliders but using multiple choice questions instead. Learners grade statements they see (True/False) and then they are presented with their ‘personalised profile’ based on their responses. I can only see graded questions in Evolve that require correct and incorrect responses which is not suitable for this activity.

Has anyone build anything like that?

Hi, yes, I’ve built stuff like that before. You’ll need variables and logic with components that can write variables, such as Radio Group. See an example in the article Where are you on the BIS/BAS scale? on page 1 of this course:

One of my clients took it to another level for presenting the results. See his example here: Jeremias Gómez Pawelek on LinkedIn: #evolve #intellum #exceed #elearning | 12 comments


Hi Andy, I’ve seen Jeremias’ example before. It’s great! Very clever indeed.