The "Show SCORM Errors" publish option

Can anyone tell me under what circumstances this option will show ‘errors’? The tooltip says that it will show an alert if the course cannot connect to the API or fails to send the tracking. So I was expecting it to display if I launched a course from an LMS, then disconnected from the Wifi, then continued working through the course completing components. I never see any alert when I do this.

I’m interested to know what the error tells the learner to do when this happens. Are they forced to close the course?

I’d have to check for sure but I would suspect it only does this if the LMS’ API returns an error. In my experience most LMSes unfortunately still seem to return true from an LMSCommit call even if you have disconnected the computer from the internet. Which is sort of obvious when you realise that LMSCommit is not an async function but the thing it’s trying to check almost certainly is these days.

Ah, so you think it just shows the LMSGetLastErrors, and when the course fails to find and initialise the LMS API. It would be good to know.

I suppose the fact that I’ve never seen it pop up is a good thing!

OK so, if enabled, it should show an error when:

  • It fails to find the API
  • LMSInitialize fails
  • LMSGetValue or LMSSetValue return false AND the error code is something other than 0 (there’s at least one LMS - I forget which - that sometimes returns false from a ‘set’ call even though it has clearly worked)
  • The LMS returns an invalid value for lesson status
  • LMSCommit returns false
  • LMSFinish returns false - although TBH given that’s typically triggered by the learner closing the course I doubt it would actually be able to show an error at that point.

Hope that helps

That is helpful, thanks Matt!