Searching Asset Size

Previously when searching for assets you could check a box to see all images including those that were smaller than recommended size. However, I am no longer able to find that check box and the smallest size I can search for is 512. Any suggestions??

@jheitzmann Jennifer – it’s interesting. If you search the asset library directly, you’re right. If, however, you search from within a component to insert an image, you can still see the box to uncheck for minimum width. If you uncheck it, it allows you to specify a minimum width, but it’s 520px and not 512.

That is so odd…because I was trying to add an image from a component and I do not get the check box…

Maybe it depends on the component??

I wouldn’t think so. If the component uses a graphic property, I’d expect the experience to be the same. I think it should also be the same for the Asset Library search as well, but there may be other reasons why that path is different.

Yes it is component dependent. In fact even within the same component/extension some assets may have a recommended width and others may not.

I have noticed that there is an odd mix of the ‘mobile image’ size in Evolve variously being referred to as either 520px or 512px. I can confirm that the actual ‘breakpoint size’ is set to 520px.