Recommended image size


When adding an image into your course from the image library, in a lot of situations it will have the “recommended width” option selected by default. Would it please be possible for this checkbox to be turned off by default or at least remember that it was unchecked when the last image was added? If I’m adding in a lot of graphics which don’t meet Evolves criteria for recommended width, it can be an annoying extra step to have to open the options and deselect this checkbox every time.

Thank you

James @ LD


Obviously I understand why this checkbox is useful to have, but I find that in a lot of situations, especially on mobile and tablet, that I have to go against Evolve’s “recommended width” to make the image display correctly. Even if this checkbox was not hidden behind the filters button, it would make it a much better user experience


Hey James!

Thanks for the feedback - this is something that has been raised before so it’s on the list of things that will be considered for change. Thanks for adding your voice to the requests!