Minimum image dimensions

One of my favourite things in Evolve is how they tell us the minimum width of images for best presentation. But I am finding myself wanting more of this info- for all images! Specifically, right now I want to know the best image dimensions for a map menu background image so it covers the entire background. I can find the width px for this but not the height. Is there some sort of reference we can look up for all image dimensions for things like this?

Hi Melissa, apologies, no specific guidance around heights for Map menu images. I think because Evolve deals in vertically scrolling pages there’s less emphasis on height and more on width. Might just have to be a bit of trial and error Im afraid. I think the image width guidance for Evolve is all in the tool - so if we recommend something for a particular feature, the advice will be there on screen.
Sorry I cant be more help.

Ah okay, thank you @Sam_Cook_Evolve_QA that makes sense.

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