Remove space between articles and page headers

:wave: Hi. New evolve user here. Does anyone know how to remove the space between articles and page headers so it looks like the page is one long page without extra space? I can’t seem to figure out where to do this. Thank you!

Hi Shanna!

This could be the Margin of the Page Header.

Go into your theme settings, go to Header and then look for Header Margin. Check there’s no Margin set there. If that is 0, let me know and we can look at what else it might be…

Thanks for the quick reply, hbailey. This did not change the space between the header or even between articles. It just adjusts the margin of the article or header itself - not the space between a header or articles.

Ah ok do you have spaces between all your articles too? If so then you need adjust the margins on articles… which will be in theme > Article > Article Margin. Bear in mind if you have any ARTICLE STYLES applied to your articles that you will need to change this within each of those too.

This was what I was missing. Thank you!

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