Page Header Sizing

Can we set the size of Page Headers seperately? I don’t know why but one of my page header is sized differently from the rest. Please suggest.

Is it the same page header image on every page? Are all the file sizes the same pixel wise? Are the rest of the page details the same other than the header? Can you provide some screenshots?

I haven’t placed any image in headers. They are just names. Image attached for your reference. Notice the differene between the spacing/height of all three headers.

Ah I see sorry I was thinking of Hero images I think!

Let me investigate that and I’ll get back to you!

In the Display title settings for each page, try clicking the following:

The eraser icon in the Display Title textbox
The Clear icon in the Display Title Settings area

There shouldn’t be any way that the margins or padding are different between headers as they are not individually set. But if you have copied and pasted text into the Display Title box then it might have brought some external formatting that isn’t obvious.

I tried both the options but they do not seem to work. Is there any other workaround?

It could be something being set in the theme? Typically I would inspect using the browser’s developer tools and use the info there to figure out what’s applying the additional height/margin/padding

Thanks for the help.