Not able to access our account

Hi there,

We have an error when trying to log into our account and it says our subscription has expired.

My understanding is that the info has been updated, but we are still unable to access it (since Monday 23/10 (EST)).

We have been trying to get this reinstated, but no luck so far. Can you please confirm if there is an issue with the system or the account? We have deadlines looming and need this reinstated to finalise.

Any assistance would be appreciated.


Hi @kimj1 are you still having access problems? If so, can you DM me a link to your instance?

Hi Sam, thanks for contacting me. We’ve been able to log in this morning, so all ok now. A bit stressful to be honest. Thanks again, Kim

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Hi there @kimj1 - and welcome to the community.

If you have any urgent issue such as not being able to access your accounts, please always contact with your Evolve URL and the problem, as they will respond immediately, whereas in this community it’s more about asking about ideas, best practices and the like.

Support will always get the help you need to you quicker as they can investigate accounts and more, right away.

I’m sorry to hear it was a stressful experience and hope everything is smooth for you from now on.