How do I renew my Evolve subscription?

How do I renew my Evolve subscription?

Hello Shraddha!

If you have an active subscription, both Yearly and Monthly subscriptions auto-renew each time from the credit card held on file. You should receive emails when your subscription is up for renewal. If the card that you have on file has expired then you will be notified and the subscription will end if payment cannot be taken.

If you are on a trial and want to get a full licence, you can do that by going to Account Settings on the Dashboard then to My Account. All your details will be in there and you can sign up that way.

All payment and account management is handled through Portal.

If your trial has expired you can either ask us to reinstate it so you can purchase, or set up a blank new trial and make your purchase through that, as long as there is no data or a particular chosen instance name that you want to keep active from the old one. Email if this is the case.

I hope that helps?

Thanks Helen for the quick response.

Our subscription has been ended as the card details were not valid and the payment was not successful.

Now, we have added valid card details, still we are unable to access our account.

How do we renew the account now? Please help.

We have raised this issue with both Evolve Support and Accounting team. But no response… :frowning:


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Hello Shraddaha,

Apologies for the delay from me. Please let me know your instance name (??? and I will sort this out for you.

Kind regards

Hey Thanks Helen…

We are in touch with the accounting team, hopefully the issue will get resolved soon.

Thanks again…

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