MCQs - Indicate the correct answer


When the team I work with create bespoke eLearning courses we add a ‘Cheat mode’ that when turned on shows all the correct answers in MCQs by adding an asterisk to the correct answers.

In our Evolve courses we add the asterisks manually and take them out for final delivery.

However, one of the courses we are working on is huge and will be translated in many languages and it would be great if there was a way, perhaps using logic, that we can turn on a ‘Cheat mode’ so that we don’t need to add/remove the asterisks.

Does anyone have an idea of how this could be acheived?

If not, could this functionality be added to Evolve as it would be really useful for us and I’m sure for others too. As we’ve used this method for many years and it’s helpful all round.

Thanks in advance.

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Hi @BarryBPS I think this is a great idea - have done something similar myself in the past.

I think the best way to do this would be for us (Evolve devs) to add something to the ‘Inspector’ toolbar that shows when the course is opened in Live Preview. Would that work for you?

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Hi @Matt_Leathes, thank you for replying.

Your suggestion would be perfect for our QA purposes, but it would be super helpful if a switch could be added so that the published output would show the correct answers too. I’m thinking of when we send the courses for client review. If this is not possible, they’ll just have to use the script… if they don’t know the correct answers already :grinning: