Locking reviews to prevent further commenting

Hi all,

Is there any way to lock off a review to prevent reviewers from commenting on an old version?

My current workflow is to create a review and invite reviewers to comment, then once they are done, I create a new course version and copy across the comments, that way I can work through them and make the changes in the new version, while preserving the previous version.

What I’m finding is if a reviewer hasn’t got round to reviewing the original version, they are using the original review link, adding their comments, and these are getting missed as I’m working on a new version with a set of comments copied across that doesn’t contain the late reviewers. When I’m done copying review comments across, I make sure to mark the original review as complete, which I hoped would lock it and prevent anyone from commenting, but this doesn’t appear to be the case.

Is this simply a workflow/communication issue that requires better management on my behalf, or is there something I can do within the reviews that will prevent old versions being commented on?


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Hey, Andy, have you marked the old review as complete? Including complete for people who haven’t commented.


Hi Andy, yes I’ve marked the old review as complete, selecting the option to Mark review as passed. Is a better way to do this to select Remove reviewers who have not completed this review, that way they no longer have access?

That should work. But I’ve never tried it from a reviewer’s point of view. The other thing that might work is to Version the course or Duplicate it and select the copy the review comments option. Then delete the old review. That way, the old link would no longer be valid but you’d have a record of old comments. I’ve not tried it BTW, but I can’t see why it wouldn’t work.

Thanks for the suggestion Andy. I’ve just done a quick test, creating a new version and copying across the comments, but none of the comments appear in the new version, either inline in the editor, or in the course preview. It appears as though the only way to copy comments across, is to copy the whole review. Am I missing something?



My query is related to review versions. Can we create versions of the review like we do for keeping Course or language versions?

Yes you can,

You can set up multiple reviews per Course, and then in the Reviews menu from the homepage, manage them for each course in there, such as sending reminders, setting them as complete and so on…