Live Preview Not Showing Language Import

I have a course which has language versions. I have just uploaded an exported → translated → imported html file. Now, the translated text is not visible in either Live Preview or in the Content editor. I have verified that the file I am uploading IS translated; also, when I re-export the html file it is the translated version. So why is it not visible in the Content editor or Live Preview?

Hello @Sara_Hammer can I check you’ve switched the course to the translated version of the course before Live Previewing?

If I have a Default course (in English) and a 2nd in French. These are the steps to follow:

  1. Export the Default course using the Export for External Translation Tool
  2. Translate on Google Translator Toolkit
  3. In Evolve switch to the French course version
  4. Import the translation file index.html
  5. Run Live Preview

If you have followed these steps and are still seeing the issue please let support know.

Thank you.

The steps are a little different from what I have been told: You need to export the specific Language Version html file, translate that and then upload the exact same file. If not, the data-id numbers in the exported file won’t match and the file will not be able to be imported.

The issue with this particular course I’m working on started with just that problem: The translated html file did not match the language version and I needed to manually replace the id numbers. What I didn’t realize is there is more than 1 id number per html file and I had missed some, which was exactly the text that was visible in the preview. Now that I have replaced each unique id number and reimported I am seeing the translation correctly. However, this course has 5 modules each with separate html files, in 5 languages, so 25 total files that will need to go through this replacement process. Argh.

Hi Sara… old post but we are looking at needing to do the same thing… how did it go in the end for you?