Interactive Video - Error

Hi Team,

New here and wanted to get some advice as am having issues with my interactive video.

I have added the video and set the screens up, but it doesn’t go to a completed screen but just gives me an error each time I preview.

I have set up completed screens and only have one question.

Any help would be awesome.


Hi Matt, could you screenshot the error and post here?

Sure can

Unfortunately as a new user I can’t upload screenshots, so have added to a google drive folder to share:

Thanks Matt - would you be happy to DM me a link to your course in Evolve? (the actual editor not the preview). I can take a look and try and establish what’s causing the error.

Of course, what is the best way to DM you?

Speaking to helpdesk I think the issue is that it is purely one question after a video, so looks like it might not be the best option to use but happy for you to look at it :slight_smile:

Thanks Sam

Hi Matt, there’s a messaging functionality on this board (click your profile pic and then the envelope icon) - I think all users have access to that function.

Hi Sam,

Link is Evolve Authoring

Thanks for the help.


Thanks Matt - as you said, I think it’s the fact there is only one video that’s causing the component to error. If you wanted the experience of a single video followed by a question you could use the media component (set the to complete once the video has ended), have a logic trigger set to perform actions when that media component is completed - such as hide the media component and reveal a hidden MCQ. I hope that helps!

Hey Sam,

Sorry to be a pain with questions, have tried the setup suggested, but when I live preview the question still shows.

Have hidden the element and set up a trigger for after the video is done.

Any suggestions?

There’s a couple of things you can do here:

-In the Media component, change ‘Set completion status’ to ‘ended’ - that way the MCQ would only appear after the video has finished (currently its set to complete when in view, which means the MCQ appears straight away)
-In the Logic trigger add an additional action to hide the Media component. This should mean when the video ends that becomes hidden, and only then does the MCQ become available.

(This does mean that after watching the video, the learners wouldn’t be able to re-watch as it would be hidden. What you could do is set up an action button with an associated logic trigger beneath to reveal the hidden video when clicked, if you wanted to give learners the chance to rewatch)


Thanks so much for the help Sam! (And your patience)

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