Integration with workflow automation tools like Zapier, Make or Power Automate

Integrating an authoring tool with workflow automation tools like Zapier and Power Automate is absolutely crucial, particularly in the realm of e-learning courses that demand precise reporting and evaluation capabilities. The potential of forms and question components, such as branching, multiple choice, text input, and reflection activities, could be immensely amplified if learner input could be securely recorded outside the confines of a Learning Management System (LMS). By embracing these integrations, e-learning professionals gain the power to craft truly impactful courses while extracting invaluable insights into learner progress and performance.

While Learning Record Stores (LRS) offer some of these functionalities, it’s important to acknowledge that many organizations already possess their own data warehouse solutions for analytics. Presently, I’m endeavoring to embed a web app or Microsoft Form into the course, employing triggers to transfer the data to the data warehouse. Unfortunately, embedded elements lack the inherent seamlessness and accessibility found within Evolve’s activities. Consequently, I often encounter the predicament of having an excessive number of embedded elements that drastically slow down page loading.

The ideal solution to overcome these challenges lies in a straightforward API integration. Such integration would resolve all these issues and unlock tremendous opportunities for Evolve to establish itself as the unparalleled, all-encompassing tool for online learning, catering to every essential requirement.


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