Inspector Toolbar - dev console and tracking

Hi – anyone know what the last two items are on the Evolve inspector toolbar? The help available on the tool only covers the first four items. These last two items are tracking related – Enable Tracking Dev Console Log and Enable Tracking Dev Status. Are these debugging tools?


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Were you still creating a reply for this? Thx.

He means he is commenting on this thread so he is notified when there are new responses - so he can see replies and also get an answer to this question.

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Hi Martin,

Sorry about that.

Helen is correct, I was just commenting as I don’t know the answer and was keen to know if someone else did.

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Hi @Martin
These came from a specific client request some years ago, in order to help them troubleshoot some tracking problems they were having. I’m not sure actually how much help they would be to anyone to be honest.

Sam… thanks. Interesting. I think it would be helpful to see its intended use documented or to have a tool tip in a future release.

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Thanks Martin, will pass that on