Importing Articulate Rise Files to Evolve

Does anyone no if this can be done?

Hi, you could run it inside an iFrame component, but it wouldn’t report to the LMS. I’m curious why you’d want to do that, though. Either publish the course in Rise or rebuild it in Evolve. Mashing the two together sounds like an unholy union :slight_smile:


You cannot convert Rise courses into Evolve by importing them, no. But you can import all the assets in one go into the library and use copy paste to recreate the course.

We have a group of Evolve specialists who can help you make the conversion if you want some assistance with this.


Thank you for that, but I should be ok. Just one other question because I am new to Evolve and online authoring. I have a number of Articulate Storyboard Files and want to know if I there is a way that these can be imported into Evolve and if not, do you know of a solution?

Hi @Bigdog1805 , if they are native Articulate file types, they won’t be able to be imported. But any image/video/audio etc asset can be imported.

Thanks @Sam_Cook_Evolve_QA

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