How to move View button in cover menu

I am using the cover menu for my course, but I can’t seem to move the Start button to the bottom as I can’t find the setting for it.

Is it possible to move the position of this button? This is for the course title.

In Theme settings > Menu > Layout you could set the padding to push it down the page…

Thank you for the help!

It’s a workable fix at the moment, but not ideal. The button will change location depending on the size of the computer monitor they are on. :frowning: Is it possible to request this as a feature? That we can change the position of this button relative to the screen and not as a fixed location?

Of course. I’ll see if anyone has any better solutions in the team for you too!


I’ve had our developer look at this - but he’s struggling to figure out how you got it to appear at the top in the first place?! When we try, the view button is aligned to the centre of the screen by default (as the COver Menu content sits in the centre).

Thank you!

I’m not sure how it ended up like that. That’s always how it looked like since activating the Cover Menu. I haven’t touched anything with the menu settings. It’s a new course and I just selected Cover Menu and added the background images and it looked like this. :frowning:

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