Back to Menu button

How can I edit the placement of the “back to menu” button on the top navigation?
It is taking up a lot of space and looks awkward- I also have a logo to the left, so there is way too much going on.

Hi Samantha,

A couple of things we need to check.

#1. Are you making use of the Course Navigation extension to have a menu of pages on the left? That is the icon you see there of a page. You can change that by either:
- 1. removing that extension if you don’t need it or
- 2. go into the extension settings, then into appearance and either remove the icon or set it to appear on the right, so that your back to menu can be more on the let.

#2. In Settings > Navigation > Navigation Bar, you can change the text of “Back to Menu” - to be nothing at all if you like, so that you can have just the arrow. or something just like “< Back” or “< Menu” maybe?


Does that help?

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I was having a similar query and your reply helps me too. Thanks @hbailey