How to enable footer navigation

Hi all,
Does anyone know how to enable footer navigation at the end of a section so the learner doesn’t have to return to the menu in order to navigate to the next section?
I’ve done this a bunch of times in other courses, just doesn’t seem to work in this one…
Thanks in advance,

HI Ben. Hopefully this image may help.

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Hey @barnetf,
Thanks for replying!
Yes I’ve tried turning on the footer navigation in the theme, but for some reason with this particular course, it’s not working. I thought it might be affected by another setting i’m using.
I’ll keep scratching around, but thanks again for the help. :slight_smile:

Did you ever resolve this issue Ben?

Hi Ben,

Did you manage to resolve this issue? Doesn’t seem to work for me either I have a menu on my course does that have anything to do with it?


Did you try hiding the course menu too? All my footer navs work so I can’t imagine why it wouldn’t…

We are having this issue too. Is there any other settings that can interfere with the “Enable Footer Navigation” switched on and the switch to “hide the course menu” is switched on we should see it, but we dont? Any updates from anyone?

@nick This sounds like a bug, can you contact support if you are still having this issue please?

I have logged this and Evolve Developer is looking into this… I have a couple of courses as part of the Trial area and yes a couple of my courses are missing the footer navigation. I’ll let you know how this gets resolved… :slight_smile:

Hi… just a follow up on this as I have another issue with the footer and can remember logging a call with Evolve to resolve my issue… they came back with the following response…

The Bloom team have taken a look and found the problem.

The navigation does not work if you have a course in multiple trails as we currently don’t have any way to track where the learner has been.
I have checked in the Bloom instance and both Bullhorn speedy navigation and Bullhorn list management both have 2 parent trails.

To solve the problem, the 2 course need to be in just 1 trail. Navigation will then work.

On that basis, check that you’re not using the same course in multiple trails, if you are, I suppose the best way around this is to duplicate the course in Evolve and publish both into Bloom?

Yes… this worked for me… I had a course in two trails (the live Trail and a Test Trail), removing it from the test Trail immediately added the footer navigation to Live Trail course… To enable the testing, I have duplicated the Course and added this to my Testing Trail… :grinning: :grinning: