How to create fillable tables

I would like to create a table that learners can input their answers into. Is this possible? For example the attached:

Hi Tania,

There’s no Evolve component that will do fillable tables. Although the capture component could be something of a workaround. But not if you want the user to download a copy of their responses.

The easiest way around it is creating a PDF with text fields in it that the user can type into. Otherwise, it’d be custom HTML sat on a server running inside the iFrame component.

Google Sheets could be an option. It would need some custom script to clear out the data on each window close, otherwise, it could be a data privacy 'mare.


Thanks for responding Andy. These are the same thoughts that I have had as a workaround. I haven’t used the capture component before. Do you have any examples?

Not that I can share in public. I created a loan application form. The user had to complete a selection of boxes within it. It validated their responses were correct. What it lacked was any kind of download option though.