How do i install fonts from Adobe Creative Cloud

How do i install fonts from Adobe Creative Cloud on the evolve platform?

Hi there,

If the font you want isn’t available in the font picker then you need to make a custom package for the font you have and upload that into Evolve in the Assets menu.

Go to Assets: Manage Fonts:

Click +Upload Fonts

Follow the instructions - there’s a link to our Knoweldge Base guide in there for you to follow.

Yes, I’m aware of this, but adobe won’t supply the font in this way.

Adobe supply a CSS link but not a font package, they can not be uploaded in this way. Currently if I want to use adobe fonts i have to buy the font out right with another company. As well as paying for my adobe font license.

Is there no other way to install an adobe font?

There’s probably a licensing agreement between Adobe and the font companies that the fonts must be used with Adobe products. I don’t see a way around that.

Might I suggest trying some Google fonts? They’re high quality, free for commercial use and able to be downloaded.