Hiding pages on the main menu

Does anyone know if it is possible to hide a page icon on the main menu? I am creating an interactive infographic where I link to a page per hotspot item on the graphic. I don’t want the learner to be able to directly navigate to these pages from the menu, however, as they are components of the infographic.
Even though I don’t give these pages a title, the symbol that a page exists appears on the main menu (hamburger top right). Screen grab below:
Is it possible to remove the icon?



Hi Jeremy,

This one got us all thinking this morning!

Sadly the only way to do it would be to HIDE the pages, but then the way you are navigating to them by using Navigation within an Infographic does not allow for triggering a trigger/variable that would unhide them.

One for us to consider for the future!

Thanks Helen

OK, I’ll have a think of a workaround


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How complex are the pages you navigate to? You could look at the “Additional Content” extension?

Then when you choose where to navigate to from the infographic hotspot, choose “Additional Content”

Nice idea but I have quite a few interactions on each page - in effect, I’m using the infographic as a sub menu within a page.

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Maybe you can just get rid of the navigation extension and use the footer to navigate between pages. You can also add the page indicator extension.

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