Hide the Course Body Text

Hi all,

In the Edit Course Settings, the Course Body Text is displayed on screen and also populates the description in the scorm imsmanifest.xml.

However, I don’t always want this description displayed on screen.

I’ve managed to hide it by setting the font size to be 0pt, which seems to work ok, but is not ideal as I wonder if it may be seen in some browsers.

Is it possible to populate the field so that the imsmanifest is also populated, but also hide it from view in the browser?

Many thanks,


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Hi Barry, I have put this to the developers for you.

Hi Helen,

That’s great, thanks.

Can you also ask if there could be a place to add keywords that would also populate the imsmanifest, please?

I’m often asked to add keywords and tend to add them after the final publish.

Many thanks,