Help with accessibility and MCQs

Hi everyone,
I’m trying to go back to make a course accessible but I’m running into real problems getting my MCQs to be tabbable. I have a series of 10 MCQs.

  1. When I tab, the screenreader/tab goes to the Q1 True (identifying it a True 1 of 2).
  2. When I tab again, it goes to Q2 question (skipping Q1 False) .
  3. When I shift tab to go back, it goes to Q1 False. When I shift tab again it reads the Q1question (skipping Q1 True).

I’ve added Aria to the questions but don’t see any way to add it to the answers.

Any help (please!).

And could someone clarify when the Aria label says “If this is not filled in then this element is not tab-able.” the image is still tabbed to even though an aria is blank and so is the Alt-tag?

Anyone? Could really use some help on this.

Adding additional ARIA labels to items will mean that the custom label will be read out by a screenreader and also be tabbed to. Images will always be tab-able by default.

Your MCQ’s should be tabbing correctly - if you’re still experiencing this issue please contact support giving details of your Evolve instance and the course where you’re experiencing the issue.

Thank you.