Accessibility features now in Evolve Authoring published courses

Evolve 4 is here and we’ve posted about all the changes on our blog - here:

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I am new to developing elearning content. Can anyone recommend online (or other) resources to learn Alt Text and ARIA label best practises for a good user experience. I have done the Quickstart tutorial on the Voiceover app to test things out but not really being familiar with it I am struggling. Is there a better way for me to learn accessibility functions from scratch? All ideas appreciated. Thanks

@enem Here are a few resources that we found. They should help give you a general grounding in the theory and practice.

Thanks for your reply, I find these resources technical rather than about the user experience. In case anyone else is in my position of knowing very little about this subject, I did discover an article that was pretty basic but clear on Alt Text - it helped me understand…
I am still unsure of Aria Labels though. Are these descriptive of the type of content (e.g “Overview of module”) or do they replicate the actual content in that element (e.g “Introduction to Paper Independence”)?

Bump. Can anyone elaborate on Enem’s post?

I’m also a bit new to this and still confused about the ARIA label feature after trying to read through the technical content available online.

There are so many levels of the course content where you could potentially insert an ARIA label (at the page level, article level, block level and each component level) it’s hard to tell where it’s necessary. The messaging next to the ARIA field “Fill this in to describe this piece of content to a screen reader. If this is not filled in then this element is not tab-able.

makes me wonder whether every element needs an ARIA label otherwise it’s not tabable?

And even when I do insert an aria label, the content still remains untabbable when using VoiceOver’s rotor.

I raised this with helpdesk but their rather unhelpful answer was essentially to just Google it. Much appreciated if anyone could give some tips on how they go about filling in their ARIA labels in their courses. Thanks!

Hi Jess, Good to know you are also confused. I didn’t ever really find a good source of info so if you do please let me know. Good luck otherwise. And, yes, anyone else… please post your insights! Cheers.

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Can someone please clarify? So…Arial labels will read paragraphs, and components/block/article, etc. To test accessibility features, do we need to publish a scorm file first? or can we test this functionality through review mode?

Hi all,

We’ve recently added two new guides to our zendesk site:

Hopefully they should answer all your accessibility questions and how to ensure your Evolve courses are accessible!


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I appreciate Evolve’s commitment to accessibility, however on testing today, I identified issues with several components in Evolve which have been logged with support.

These issues won’t be able to be addressed with these guides, as they require bug fixes by Evolve developers. Some of the issues are currently high impact for NVDA screen reader users, such as being unable to reset MCQs, confusing focus order such as moving to next page and being placed near end of page, and content not being read, or read twice.

Thanks in advance for your ongoing work towards making Evolve a highly accessible authoring tool.

Hi Michael,

Thanks for raising the issues, we’ll be sure to look into them! We are currently going through an accessibility audit so we’re committed to continually improving accessibility within the tool.

If you do find any further bugs (hopefully not though!) please do raise them with support as you have done and we’ll work to resolve them as soon as we’re able.


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