Tabbing through answers in MCQ

Hi all,
I have been testing a course I have built for accessibility and have a problem with MCQs and trying to tab through the answers.

When I first tab, the screenreader/tab goes to the first answer.
When I tab again, it moves on to the next component skipping any other answer options. (I am not using a submit button - the user only gets one try)
If I “shift+tab” to go back, it goes to the last answer option in the list. When I “shift+tab” again it goes to the component before.

Is there something I am missing about how questions work when using keyboard controls? I have tried researching online and the suggestion is that you should be able to tab to anything a user using a mouse can click - so surely should be able to tab to all the answers.

Hey Lizzie,

When you’ve tabbed to the question answer options, a keyboard user would use the arrow keys to select the option and then enter to select it.

I believe this change in behaviour is announced to screenreaders by default but in any case, it’s the expected behaviour when you have a radio group like this. In short, it’s probably working like its supposed to.

You might want to consider reinstating the submit button to pass more stringent accessibility tests though. This is because it allows a user with restricted motor skills a chance to change their selection before submitting it - which they might do by accident if it auto-submits.


Thanks @Ruppers you are exactly right - that should answer your question @Lizzie , thanks

Thank you for the info

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