Hamburger menu - side menu - accessible?


I can see that the hamburger menu is nicely detected by the screen readers (collapsed, expanded). (Thanks for making our lives easier!). Is the side menu fully accessible? I am not an expert using screen readers but I couldn’t access it (have the screen reader read the chapters) with my limited knowledge.


Not exactly sure what you’re referring to here since you mention ‘chapters’…? The hamburger menu opens the side navigation which contains things like a link to the main menu and links to certain extensions like glossary, downloads, assessment breakdown etc.

However, the hamburger menu is fully accessible. In fact the side navigation is currently only fully accessible if you have ‘Use hamburger menu’ enabled - if you don’t the items don’t get read out properly by the screenreader (or show their labels when you navigate through them using the keyboard) - a bug we just became aware of and which we’ll be addressing very soon.

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