Course Menu Styles Accessibility?

Hi All

Just trying to find information of the accessibility of the different menu types Playlist, box… etc

Are they all accessible?


The only one that has been certified as being accessible is Standard Menu but I’m confident that Box Menu is equally accessible, we just didn’t get a chance to get it certified yet.

In case it’s helpful, the only thing that we’ve had come up in accessibility audits regarding the box menu is that the item images are clickable and shoot you off to the topic without the same level of labeling/explanation that the button provides.

Would be handy to have the option to turn that off (or have it off by default) so only the button takes you to the topic.

@Ruppers coincidentally enough there’s a fix coming out in the next Evolve release that should help with this! Until then, the workaround is just to set the alt text of the item image to something that is more descriptive of what’s going to happen.


Thanks for the info, much appreciated!

@nath no problem! As for the others, I haven’t really dug much into their accessibility - except for Cover Menu which I vaguely recall is technically just about OK… but given that it uses a Carousel-style interaction, is probably best avoided if you want the best experience for keyboard/screen reader users.