Fixing image size in Lightbox

Hi there

I am using the Lightbox component to display PDFs within a module. Is there an ability to set the display size to full image - in some cases the asset only fills about 25% of the screen, in others it fills 120%. I know there are magnification controls on screen but these are not immediately obvious and my audience is not particularly computer literate. I can’t guarantee they will spot these or know how to use them.

Many thanks


Hey Jeremy,

When you use the Show in Lightbox setting, the feature will display the image at the original size uploaded within the lightbox. So if you want your images to be consistent in size, they must be uploaded in the same pixel size (roughly) as their original versions.

Are you taking screenshots or your PDFs or saving them as images and then uploading them as images? Just make sure you do them in a consistent way and then they will be the same size when clicked on.

If you just want to link directly to the PDFs, you could upload them somewhere and just link them to them as documents instead?

Thanks Helen - great info.


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