Embedded IFrame content not full width?

Hi All

I’ve been working with adding a lottie animation into my a course, which i have acheived using the iFrame components and uploading the index.html into the embedded content section. However the animation doesnt seem to fill the width of the container.

For example If i add an image to the similar/same block the image fills the available width and the height is set correctly based on the ratio of the image.

When i add the embeded content it seems to generate a fixed height and used this to scale the animation.

Is there a way to set the embedded content to go full width of the container (in this case a full width component) in the same way a png/jpg would behave?

I’ve attached some images might help The blue and green lines are shwoing the extremses of the block and components.


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Does you embed code contain any width or height variables in it? If so you could swap these for 100%? You can DM me the embed code if you like and I can test it?

Hi @hbailey Thanks I’ve sent you a DM. :slight_smile: