iFrame component interaction label

I have an activity embedded in Evolve’s iFrame component. Is there any way to trigger the completion of the activity so the interaction label with change from incomplete to complete?

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Hi Rachael and welcome,

If you add your interaction label the iframe component will be marked as complete as soon as the full iframe has scrolled into view. Because so many different things can be displayed within an iframe it’s almost impossible to have a setting where the actual activity within the iframe and it’s completion state could be measured, so this is the only currently available completion metric.

What sort of activity do you have in your iFrame out of interest?


Thanks for replying. Completely understand the limits around it. It’s an animation and activity built in Adobe Animate. The user has to click certain buttons for the activity to be complete.


Thanks - it helps us to know that - we could look at maybe introducing some sort of click for completion in the future if we know what use cases are out there!