External Video not playing

I have been trying to embed a video into the Media tile. Here are the steps I followed: Selected the Media tile> Selected the Toggle for the “External Media” option. Entered the Embed code in the “Video URl” field. However, when I watch the Preview, the video does not play. Instead, I could only see an “i” icon. I even tried using a Youtube link just to check. Even the Youtube video shows the same issue.

I would appreciate if someone can help me out with this.

Thanks in advance!

Try the video stream component instead. URL and Embed code mean two different things in Evolve

The ‘External Media’ option if for when you have an MP4 file hosted on a web server somewhere outside of the course.

The Video stream option only supports certain Services like Youtube, Vimeo etc. My videos is hosted somewhere outside.

How about using the iframe component to embed the video. I had used it in one of my courses. However, as Matt said, the MP4 file has to be hosted somewhere… You need to put the URL in the iframe content source.

Thanks a ton Punam. This works like a charm!

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